2019 Ford Super Chief Hoax and Possible Release Date

Although the Ford Super Chief concept was introduced back in 2006, it has a very modern design even today. Due to its powerful design, Ford fans are expecting to see the production version of this F-250 super truck. We know that 2019 Ford F-250 is getting a mid-cycle facelift, but can we expect Super Chief version? We would love to be so. Every year we are finding lots of rumors about Ford Super Chief production version, but they never true.

If you try to find news on the internet about the production version of this truck you will see that many websites are announcement it for 2017, then 2018 and now for the 2019 year. Even on Wikipedia, you can read that there is a possibility that this model will be launched in 2020.

2019 Ford Super Chief Concept front view

New arrivals are always full of surprises. With the newly redesigned system and refreshed features, we are waiting to see the real performance on the track. Through the past years, the design has changed in many different styles. So, now, the new 2019 Ford Super Chief will probably be part of the F-250 lineup.

This medium-size truck is bringing many new ideas and the different specter of possibilities. The powertrain is upgraded with many changes in structure, which make performance stronger. The new overall concept is going to attract many fans, especially the younger audience. Expectations from Super Chief are high and current estimations are beyond positive.

2019 Ford Super Chief Powertrain and Specs

As always, the most interesting facts are about changes under the hood. New 2019 Ford Super Chief will offer some different type of drivetrain, which will be pretty useful to future owners. The new engine is going to be a combo of several types of fuel. There are petrol, ethanol, and hydrogen. This is only a rumor since nothing is confirmed yet.

2019 Ford Super Chief Concept side view

However, even if this happens, the driver can use only one type of fuel at the time. By statistics, the engine is able to produce 310 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. The main goal of engineers team is to create a machine which could go to 500 miles without refueling hydrogen.

2019 Ford Super Chief Features

New 2019 Ford Super Chief is going to be upgraded mid-size truck in many ways. Aggressive appearance and sporty look will gain a lot of fans during the next promotion. With new frontal part and LED technology, it is sure that this design is a secure choice in advance. Spacious cabin with darkened glass inside will make feel even more glamorous. Choice of colors will be optional. Finally, other nice details are suicide doors, which is something different in comparison to other Ford’s trucks.

2019 Ford Super Chief Concept rear view

2019 Ford Super Chief Launching Date

Price of the 2019 Ford Super Chief is unknown. Although, we can do a comparison to current siblings in that class. The base model of F-250 super-duty truck costs about $33,000. But, with such styling and drivetrain, we assume that Super Chief is going to cost much higher. Nevertheless, we should see it and all other detail officially in the second half of 2018.

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