2018 Dodge Rampage Review, Price

With the Truck competition getting stiffer in the recent years, the 2018 Dodge Rampage is a future truck that includes power and comfort for the users. This double-cabin vehicle is stable thanks to the exteriors designs. For the interior, modern and luxurious installations make this truck suitable for urban families. Engine power and performances are also something to look for in this model.

2018 Dodge Rampage - front

2018 Dodge Rampage – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

To begin with, the soft edges and front and rear finishes give this vehicle a smooth and stylish look. The front of this truck includes a modern grille with LED light that match the outlook. For stability purposes, this Rampage has 22” alloy wheels. In addition, rear doors slide backwards adding to the design of the 2018 Dodge Rampage. The rear has perpendicular edges with a new lighting and modern bumper.


The interior is spacious enough and can accommodate seven adults. You can fold the seats to increase the cabin space, if need be. The infotainment system is modern with wireless connectivity. Due to the design, there is adequate headspace for all occupants. The dashboard offers a touch screen that displays the truck’s information. As for the seats, the finish is colorful and comfortable, with a variety of material options.


In addition to the air bag system, the 2018 Dodge Rampage has many additions that guarantee safety of occupants. The suspension and thick wheels improve the stability of the Rampage. Other features such as automatic braking system, front and rear collision monitors and rear view cameras could be a possible installation to secure the occupants.

2018 Dodge Rampage - interior

2018 Dodge Rampage – Powerful Engine and Performance

A HEMI 5.7-liter V8 engine is the power train for Dodge Rampage 2018. This engine produces over 340 hp and 300lb-ft of torque. For stability in acceleration, a five-speed automatic transmission is the way to go. Since the manufacturer claims that the standard models will be front-wheel types, this power is adequate for off-road terrains, even at maximum carrying capacity.

In terms of performance, this engine accelerates the truck to 60mph in less than 9 seconds. The fuel consumption rates averages at 16 to 18 mpg. This makes it a power but fuel-efficient truck for use in both rural and urban terrains. The towing capacity should be somewhere above 4,000, given the weight capacity of the truck.

2018 Dodge Rampage - rear

2018 Dodge Rampage – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

The 2018 Dodge Rampage will come in various versions with the standard price should start at a minimum of $25,000. Since the other models will have better features and installments, the prices can go up to $40,000. Given the power and space attributes of this truck, the price is fair.

Although Dodge has not given any information on the release dates, the standard versions of this truck should be in the market by the last quarter of 2017. The hybrid versions should be out by mid 2018.

The design and performance of this 2018 Dodge Rampage truck are unique and competitive enough in the market. With the spacious interior, this car suits families living in urban and rural terrains. These combinations will defiantly put the 2018 Rampage on a better competing scale.

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